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Tropical Mechanical is a certified HVAC/R (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning - Refrigeration) company who will install, service, and maintain all of your existing commercial refrigeration, cooling, and heating needs. We also provide heating and air conditioning services to residential equipment.


Tropical  Mechanical will diagnose and fix any problem you may encounter with your commercial refrigeration equipment and perform routine maintenance and repair work to keep your systems operating efficiently.

Tropical  Mechanical offers 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE. 

Tropical  Mechanical can evaluate and recommend a preventative maintenance plan on all types of equipment

​SERVICES (included but not limited to)
  • Furnaces - natural & LP gas 

  • Humidifiers

  • Electronic Air Cleaners 

  • Walk-in Freezers 

  • Heating & A/C Control Systems 

  • Radiant Heating Systems 

  • Steam Boilers 

  • Computer Rooms 

  • Central Air Conditioning 

  • Ice Machines 

  • Gas Line Installation 

  • Heat Pump Systems 

  • System Air Balancing 

  • Recycling of Used Refrigerants 

  • Hot Water Boilers & Pumps 

  • Clean Room Facilities 

  • Draft Beer systems

  • Cleaning and inspection of coils 

  • Filter cleaning or replacement 

  • Fan belt replacement and adjusting 

  • Motor and bearing lubrication 

  • Inspect heat exchangers 

  • Clean and adjust burners and pilots 

  • Clean and check blowers and fans

  • Checking and adjusting controls and safeties

  • Checking and adjusting controls and safeties

  • Checking amperage draw at load conditions 

  • Checking contactor and relay points 

  • Checking refrigerant and pressures 

  • Check operating temperatures 

  • Cleaning of condensate drains and pans 

  • System start up

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